A New Opportunity Approaches


A brief explanation of this Tanzania business I’ll be up to over the next few months.  Or, how it came to be, rather.  What I’ll be doing specifically will be another post, probably.

I haven’t been updating Photos From Kenmore Thompson’s Life lately, but I thought I’d reblog this here as well, to let you know what I’m up to.  It’ll probably be a while before I get a chance to fully re-load the queue, again, unfortunately.

Full Foyer - 31/01/02012
The same foyer from the picture three days prior, this time packed with students trying to get home from yet another snow day.
University Center - 30/01/02012
I had gone the entire month of January without missing a class, which felt significant (at least for me) so I marked the occasion with a photo of campus.
Hearts - 29/01/02012
I was a little bit disgusted with Boston Pizza, I won’t lie, when the place was covered in paper hearts more than two weeks before valentine’s day.
Empty Foyer - 28/01/02012
More inclement weather kept most people at home on a Saturday, so the university was rather eerie to walk around in.
Friday Night - 27/01/02012
A friday evening Kenmore Thompson style.  Snacks and Facebook.  I really should get out more often.
Caitlin - 26/01/02012
The inimitable Caitlin playing with AJ’s camera at an Open Supper.
Teri’s Birthday - 25/01/02012
Beth knitting and Teri reading after a lovely birthday meal.
The Craw - 24/01/02012
I caught sight of these at the grocery store and spent the rest of the trip mumbling “Not the craw. The craw!" to myself.  
Vacuum Flask - 23/01/02012
My rather sharp looking vacuum flask/thermos which I bought from Davids Tea.  I’m always a little afraid it will break, especially in the winter, but it’s a pleasure to take around.